turns the common into something extraordinary. You cannot find it in particular details, it only exists in the overall picture: that means alive and in motion, in colour and light, with rhythm and sound.

Our JobĀ is the art of making movies. In the past this art was only possible with a big effort and budget. The costs rose boundless. There was no efficiency or sustainability. Now technology offers new possibilities to enable a movie as an economically priced product. But technology is not enough! You need a character to recognize characteristics and to set priortities in the right way.

It is about having an eye for the special things, recognizing and handling the whishes and imaginations of the clients. It’s not just a simple catching pictures with a camera, but finding and underlining the extraordinary. Once the movie is finished there is one important thing left to do: it has to be seen! Therefore we will help you creating your homepage and positioning your movie in the www.


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